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Adidas Forum Reps were released in 1984, so many people call them Forum 84. This series of shoes is positioned as basketball shoes. The buckle design eliminates the trouble of tying shoelaces, and the shoes have a good sense of layering.
Nowadays, the popularity of retro styles continues to heat up, and Adidas Forum Reps are no exception. The popularity of the previous air max 1 continues to heat up. The shoe boxes of this series are pull-out types, with thick materials, bright surface coatings, and strong concave and convex feeling in adidas fonts.

Adidas Bad Bunny Reps has rarely had a collaboration that has received rave reviews and rave reviews in recent years. The adidas Bad Bunny black rep is crafted in the shape of a loafer. The materials and texture are top notch. The upper mouth is designed with thickened sponge and feels comfortable on the feet. It feels more outstanding, and the black series is also versatile and good-looking, and can be easily worn by boys and girls. Adidas' classic shoe shape, coupled with Bad Bunny's many detailed designs, is very beautiful.

We sell Bad Bunny Reps in various colors, with good quality, using the same production process as the original products, and the same material supplier

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