Dopesneakers Shopping FAQs

1.Payment method: Supports Visa / Master / JCB / AE / and other bank cards and credit cards, supports Zelle Paypal and Bank Transfer

2.Order process: Customer places order----dopesneakers staff provides QC----Customer confirms QC----dopesneakers staff arranges delivery

3.Order status: If the payment is successful, you will receive Order Confirmation, and if you ship the goods, you will receive Order Shipped. You can register and log in to your account to check the order status.

4.Shoe packaging: shoes have exclusive shoe boxes stockx tag, no invoice

5.Transportation method: Use DHL/USPS/FEDEX and other transportation methods

6.Package tracking issues: The tracking number will be updated 1-3 days after delivery, and the customer will receive an email notification
Or contact dopesneakers staff

7.Delivery time: Delivery time generally takes 9-12 working days

8.Tariff issues: Generally there are no tariffs. Countries with tariffs will inform customers to assist in customs clearance before shipping (customs clearance process: contact the local post office and tell them your logistics number if you need assistance with customs clearance. Fill in and submit the documents according to the documents and instructions provided by the post office. Then pay the customs duty and pick up the package)

9.Customs issues: Customs checks from time to time. If intercepted, we will reissue it.

10.Shoe exchange/refund issues: Contact dopesneakers before shipment for shoe exchange or refund. Please refer to Return Policy for specific return policy after shipment.

11.Delivery failed: Contact customer service as soon as possible to obtain the local post office phone number and proactively sign for the package.

12.The package appears signed for but has not been received: Please check your front door or apartment mailbox and other common post office mailboxes first, or ask your family and neighbors if they have signed for the package. If you still haven't received the package after checking, please call the local post office first to ask about the package status. If you still haven't received the package, please file a package loss complaint directly with the post office. Then you will get a complaint number. Please feedback the complaint number to customer service. , customer service will contact logistics to intervene, start the investigation process, and then reship or refund you

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dopesneakers staff at any time