Air Jordan 1 Mid

Dopesneakers fake Jordan 1 Mid cheap, quality number. The staff of dopesneakers used to be employees of nike's processing factory. Later, the nike factory was moved from Putian, China to produce Jordan 1 Mid machines, and the employees stayed in Putian, China. Nike employees who made Jordan 1 Mid were hired to make fake Jordan 1 Mid for Dopesneakers. The goal of Dopesneakers is to provide everyone with a 1:1 fake Jordan 1 Mid, so we approached Nike to buy the machines left in the Putian factory and hired a Nike foundry Employees, buy the same raw materials as the genuine ones, many fake websites will find Dopesneakers to buy fake Jordan 1 Mid and sell them to you.

Fake Jordan 1 Mid and fake Air Jordan 1 high are often compared. Fake Jordan 1 Mid will obviously be liked by everyone. The difference between fake Air Jordan 1 Mid and fake Air Jordan 1 high is that fake Air Jordan 1 Mid is There are 8 holes, and the logo is the Air Jordan of the shoe box. The fake Air Jordan 1 high has 9 holes, and the logo is the "Nike Air" logo. fake Air Jordan 1 Mid, dopesneakers think it is the most suitable to wear, there is no shoe premium, dopesneakers fake Air Jordan 1 Mid 1:1 restore the original, top quality, please rest assured to buy dopesneakers fake Air Jordan 1 Mid.

Dopesneakers Have QC Photos Before Delivery To Let You Know What Your fake Jordan 1 Mid Looks Like. After Receiving The fake Jordan 1 Mid, There Is After-Sales Service, Quality And Guarantee

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