How to spot whether buying Travis Scott Fragment jordan1 is a good pair of Reps sneakers

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Travis Scott Fragment jordan1 Reps

1.Travis Scott Fragment Reps

The high-quality Travis Scott Fragmen Reps insole has an irregular fleece shape on the front, and Nike Air's heat transfer printing has a high degree of fit. The front of the insole of the fake shoes has no wool and a grid-like texture, and the thermal transfer of the LOGO has low adhesion. If reps sneakers want you to show This is bad Travis Scott Fragment jordan 1 Reps

2.Authentic Travis Scott Fragment jordan, the black leather on the upper is calfskin, the white and blue leather is sadesa grain, it looks like there are no lines, but there are fine lines when pressed, and the blue leather is sadesa. A little shiny.

3.Check the r mark next to the nike logo on the sole is clear. High quality Travis Scott Fragment jordan 1 Reps shoes. The nike logo is clear and the workmanship is good.

4.Check the Travis Scott embroidery on the heel. The high-quality Travis Scott Fragment jordan 1 has full embroidery and good embroidery workmanship. Only good reps sneakers can pay attention to this point.

5.The genuine black rear hoof patch has no edge, and you can see the top layer of leather. It is a low-quality reps Travis Scott Fragment jordan 1. I didn’t notice this place. It was made in the wrong way.

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