Dope Sneakers Payment Failure And Solutions

Jan 19, 2023 628 0
Dope Sneakers Payment Failure And Solutions

Dear dopesneakers customers:

Usually when paying by credit card, the bank needs to review the payment first.

However, due to many reasons, some people will fail to pay. For example, the cardholder's credit card overdraft, credit card expiration, fraud, not using his own credit card, do not honor etc.

Then you can solve it by following the steps below:

1) If the order payment failed and "Do not honor"  displayed, it means that the bank needs to confirm that the cardholder is making the payment.
You need to call the bank, tell them the serial number of the credit card payment, and let them pay through this order

2) Try to pay again, or change to another credit card for payment.

-Failure to pay or unpaid orders will not result in deduction.

2) If the payment fails due to reasons such as "high risk","Fraud suspicion" you can try a few more times or change the credit card for payment

3) If you still can't pay by credit card, you can contact customer service by whatsapp.

dopesneaker --Whatsapp: +44 7762822143



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